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    N-a-k-e-d Toilet Paper. Get a FREE Cottonelle Brand Roll Cover. Respect the Roll!!!

    i have in the bathroom, the other two just have junk in them
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    freebie is over... i got the balls back in the summer...
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    FREE Fancy Feast 2011 Holiday Ornament

    have not gotten the ornament....
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    Tebow stickers

    in the mail today I got the neoprene six pack water cooler.
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    AMA House Party

    I got a coupon today
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    AMA House Party

    waiting for mine...
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    ♥ Free Samples of Dove Shampoo & Conditioner

    if you can't get the one from sams... Costco has a sample offer for DOVE. costco dove sample...
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    ♥ Free Samples of Dove Shampoo & Conditioner

    Free Samples of Dove Shampoo & Conditioner You are not required to be a member to request this free sample. (YAY!!!)
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    free tote bag from all state

    Yes thanks to mshelly for sharing. :):h5: laurelnev I hope you get the cooler. :fingersx:
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    free tote bag from all state

    nope the code did not work.... I changed the last digit to a 5 and it went through. ;) so you don't have to call for a code, just change the digits LOL!!! :rofl:
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    Hershey Cookie Exchange Party

    was not picked either :( I was like SO EXCITED when I got an email about the Hershey party pack, It said Hershey Party Pack Notice. I was like I got in. then read the email and it was a sorry you did not get picked. boy was I totally sad.
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    free holiday card or post cards

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    free coal bag

    you must be a yovia nut... everything you post is about yovia. your new name is Yovia
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    free tote bag from all state

    Get a FREE cooler when you request an Allstate insurance quote. Call 1-866-621-6900 and ask for a promo code/control number. Once you have your quote, fill out the form. Offer is good through 12/31/11 or while supplies last. Offer NOT valid in AZ, DC, GA, IA, MI, NM, NV, NY...
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    Hershey Cookie Exchange Party

    Application process begins at 12:00:00 pm (noon) Eastern Standard Time (EST) on November 7, 2011 and ends at 11:59:59 pm EST on November 20, 2011. ENDS TODAY!!!!!!
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    product tester for Nailene® products

    oh how neat, I want to be a product tester nail stuff..
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    free 5.00 visa gift card

    Skoal® Smokeless Tobacco, from a web search...
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    stick man comes alive - draws yours today! great freebie to just play around with ;) :wiggle:
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    AMA House Party

    OMG, I got my party pack and it is better than last years. we got more stuff. more shirts for everyone. gonna have a fun time.
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    free pogo mini item

    pogo was the best back before it changed. after the site changed, I stopped playing there.
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