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  1. cmh627

    Free Ebooks

    This is a group that provides avid readers with new and free eBooks to read-
  2. cmh627

    Demon Frenzy (Horror Novel) Sale .99

    Harvey Click's creepy horror novel Demon Frenzy is on sale now. If you have any Amazon credits toward books it's free :) I really enjoyed this book, so thought I would share. Perhaps the most unique part of this tale, is its creative display of unprecedented characters and demons. Once you...
  3. cmh627

    Free $10 off coupon for Tiger Direct

    A few hours..
  4. cmh627

    Free $10 off coupon for Tiger Direct

    If anyone needs one I'm willing to trade for amazon bucks.
  5. cmh627

    Free Leapfrog Tag or Tag Junior book

    Thank you!!!
  6. cmh627

    Leap Frog Tag Junior Toy Story 3 @ Target $4.98

    We don't really have any Targets around you think they'd ship it? I really want to get one of these for a christmas gift.
  7. cmh627

    aw, thank you so much :) have a great day!!

    aw, thank you so much :) have a great day!!
  8. cmh627

    Free Franklin Goose baby products $5 store credits for reviews

    I wanted to do this, but haven't come across any products that I have used..
  9. cmh627

    Free Pack of 5 React Gum

    Yeah they told me i'd receive a black envelope lol
  10. cmh627

    Free Pack of 5 React Gum

    It should come up after you watch the video and your pics flash on the screen. Make sure your popup blockers deactivated
  11. cmh627

    Free Pack of 5 React Gum

    that was pretty cool, reminded me of Saw lol. thanks!
  12. cmh627

    Free Philadelphia Minis
  13. cmh627

    Free Asphalia Natural Sleep Aid

    thank you :)
  14. cmh627

    Free Purex All in One
  15. cmh627

    Free Dream Water Sample

    Anyone try this out yet? I drank mine last night and it didn't do the trick. Just made my body feel tired, didn't make me fall asleep though.
  16. cmh627

    Avon deals from hip2save

    I had the same problem. I liked that we got a discount off of things, but most of my customers were friends and family, I really wasn't making anything either. It sure is nice to think of all the money you can make with it. The training videos and dvds they give you look very promising lol.
  17. cmh627

    Avon deals from hip2save

    I used to be an Avon representative. I have since moved, and do not drive so I would have no way to deliver items to customers. I used to live in the city, and now things are more spread out. Do you think it would be worth it to sell products online with Avon? I think they were offering a...
  18. cmh627

    Crocs Laguna Flip Flops $5.99 Shipped! Limited Sizes

    They are really cute, I want some lol. Thanks I might get a pair.
  19. cmh627

    Free Excedrin

    Thank you :) I have to remember to get the one without the caffeine this time.
  20. cmh627

    Free Oreos

    aww. Well I got the coupon for the golden oreo's from last time, just waiting for it to come in the mail :yum:
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