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    Got them as well, sold them to my golfing Buddie.
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    Free Victoria's Secret New Year's Eve Panty - Only on 12/30 Print out the coupon, free with any purchase. Doesn't say anything about minimum purchase amount.
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    Free Heart thing in the next 10 minutes...

    picture of the heart thing? I want to make sure it's worth it lol
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    FREE Fancy Feast 2011 Holiday Ornament

    i got the coupons, Which was better in my opinion lol the letter said the ornament would come in 4-6 weeks after they receive a new stock. My cat is happy with the free food though :D
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    FREE: Micro SD TransFlash TF to SD SDHC Memory Card Adapter for 500 pcs

    TomTop is awesome for Chinese knock offs. I've ordered several things through their ebay store. EDIT: you have to make an account for the code to work. Also paypal doesn't work with this promotion.
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    FREE $20 fm Serve (like paypal) thru amex

    you cant verify the account with a prepaid credit card, I tried that first. So you cant transfer the funds to it.
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    Free bid giveaway

    only broken ipods go for under $20 lol
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    6' HDMI Cable $2.54 shipped also has these for dirt cheap!
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    FREE $20 fm Serve (like paypal) thru amex

    Stay away from SERVE! they charged my credit card multiple charges for no reason and I never got the promotion money. I ended up filing a BBB claim against them. I have the emails as proof.
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    free stuff

    Damn too bad for me:
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    free stuff

    Thanks, my last name is Corona :D I like anything with that name on it. I don't' drink though go figure.
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    FREE Fancy Feast 2011 Holiday Ornament

    I guess my noob mistake, I check this forum everyday and I never saw it posted. My bad.
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    FREE Fancy Feast 2011 Holiday Ornament

    Less thank 7K left, hurry up!
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    Free Patak’s Party Kit

    Whats an ethic aisle?
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    Hershey Cookie Exchange Party

    Same here, they shouldn't have sent an email at all. Or at least gave us a coupon!
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    1 yr sub Digital Photo Pro

    All gone
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    The Gallery Collection - 12 Card Samples
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    5 Free personalized holiday cards

    I got a 10 free code in the mail :bigthumb: it's already expired though, i forgot to post it!
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    American Express Giveaway?

    on paypal? I just went to "add credit/debit card". I've been using my prepaid citi visa card on ebay for my last 90 purchases :bigthumb:
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