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  1. megan

    FREE X4 per day My Coke Rewards Giveaway

    It's telling me that I will be deducted 3 points, I can't play for FREE! This is the Instant Win I want to enter - my point balance will be deducted 3 points.
  2. megan

    Free cookies from Mrs. Fields for referring friends

    I got my cookie basket yesterday! YUMMY!
  3. megan

    Free cookies from Mrs. Fields for referring friends

    :yum: I got this email overnight too! YUMMY! :yum:
  4. megan

    Free cookies from Mrs. Fields for referring friends

    How do you add more than 10?
  5. megan

    Free Tote Bag & Adult Products (18+ only!)

    Me too! ..but how did you get your in-message to go through? I can't figure out who I'm supposed to send it to... HELP, please?!
  6. megan

    $3 SuperStar Barbie

    Guess we'll find out what Walmart's regular price is for it next week :)
  7. megan

    $3 SuperStar Barbie

    This is exactly what mine looks like .. I can not find any other "2010 remakes" of it anywhere...
  8. megan

    $3 SuperStar Barbie

    According to Mattel .. regular price is $39.95. :dunno:
  9. megan

    $3 SuperStar Barbie

    one week only (March 6th-13th)
  10. megan

    $3 SuperStar Barbie

    That is what I thought too .. but my Walmart had a lot!
  11. megan

    $3 SuperStar Barbie

    WooHoo .. Walmart is unlimited. Thought about getting more, but didn't.
  12. megan

    $3 SuperStar Barbie

    SuperStar Barbie is selling for $3 at Retail Stores this week! Regular price for this Barbie is $39.99 .. Got mine at Walmart last night! "Ready for some absolutely heart-tastic news? Cue the confetti, balloons and music! To celebrate her birthday on March 9th, Barbie will be debuting once...
  13. megan

    FREEEEE Scotch Fur Fighter @ Target

    Woot! I got all Walmart had, 6 to be exact! Holy crap, they're regular price on them is $9.48! Price match + $4 coupon = FREE + .06 overage!!!
  14. megan

    Free Nabisco Cookies wyb ...

    Fan Nabisco now on Facebook and you'll set yourself up for one tasty freebie. Visit their Facebook page again on March 1 and you'll find instructons (for friends only!) on how to get a free box of Nabisco cookies when you buy milk and another package of cookies. Get Those Cookies!
  15. megan

    FREE pink kitchenware set from Good Cook’s® WYB $25 P&G products exp 11.20.09

    Thank you.. I'm gonna dig through all of my receipts!
  16. megan

    $10 off $10 JCPenney Aug 10-22

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I got 2 of them in the mail yesterday.. and I would have just pitched them. Now I have $20 FREE to spend, thanks byandby! MUAH!
  17. megan

    Free Orange Julius june 19th

    Free 20oz Light Smoothie Print the coupon and bring it in to any Orange Julius on June 19th for a Free 20oz Light Smoothie.
  18. megan

    Free John Deere hat

    Yes, I got this same e-mail today as well... BUMMER! I guess we're not getting them? :confused: :cry:
  19. megan

    Allure: Organix Moisturizing Grapefruit Mango Butter Shampoo and Conditioner

    I enter all of my info and hit Submit and it aborts me? :confused: :(
  20. megan

    Free FLING Truffle Bar -coupon-CA,OR and WA Only

    It still doesn't work.. says it's not found. :(
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