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  1. givemeabreak

    Gevalia K-Cups (48 Ct.) + Free French Press (Free Gift) for $14.99 Shipped

    LMAO Laurel, I don't like coffee but it does smell SOOO good. I got my mom a Keurig for Christmas and she loves it. I am still using the Gevalia drip maker also, have both on my counter she makes a big pot of weekends.
  2. givemeabreak

    Check your Marlboro Offers (Members/Smokers 21+)

    OMG $70 for a carton, :uh: we are still lucky and are like Laurel and they are around $40. I cut back when I became disabled and had no income but I couldn't completely quit and my mom will smoke till the day she dies (her words not mine LOL). I get camel, L&M, marlboro, and any other...
  3. givemeabreak

    Check your Marlboro Offers (Members/Smokers 21+)

    I am with you, I always buy cartons but I am so lucky as my cigarette store will take all coupons on our brands so all I have to pay is sales tax. I got 4 cartons for less than $20 yesterday
  4. givemeabreak

    $30 for Clorox settlement, today only!! HOT HOT HOT

    Got 23.00 check in mail today
  5. givemeabreak

    Free Holiday Updo and Kenra volume spray at Ulta

    Looks like $55 and up to $75 to me........
  6. givemeabreak

    2 free Coldwater Creek necklaces

    I used the survey 10 and the 5 additional to get the free capris and hope the sizing is true. The reviews were all over the board but hopefully between the two of us one will be able to wear them. We go from 12 to 16 LOL
  7. givemeabreak

    2 free Coldwater Creek necklaces

    Got a $10 credit for doing a survey on both mine and my moms account and when I used my moms credit they sent a $5.00 credit so I used that with my other $10 for a 15.00 credit. So got another 25.00 free, got a shirt and a pair of capri pants. Great deal
  8. givemeabreak

    2 free Coldwater Creek necklaces

    Just got my scarves in the mail today. Will be a nice accent piece. Love freebies
  9. givemeabreak

    2 free Coldwater Creek necklaces

    I just placed an order and got free shipping. It stated thru the 25th I think. I got myself a scarf and one for my mom. Used her email and mine but they were 3.99 and worked out at no charge Great
  10. givemeabreak

    MyCokeRewards Heads Up thread

    Thank you so much, I was afraid the one week I didn't look that it might have been then. I'll keep on entering codes. The 12" skillet is terrific.
  11. givemeabreak

    MyCokeRewards Heads Up thread

    Does anyone know what the deal was on 12-18? I want the red saucepan and see it is out of stock and hope it wasn't that and I missed it
  12. givemeabreak

    Tebow stickers

    Just got a cute air freshener from Yovia so that's a couple of things I've gotten. So far better than I thought
  13. givemeabreak

    Tebow stickers

    I got back from vacation yesterday and had received the neoprene six pack water cooler. It was a very nice item but that's all I have gotten
  14. givemeabreak

    AMA House Party

    We got ours and was so surprised and happy. Unfortunately almost all the shirts are for teeny tiny girls. Probably won't give all them out and make the others feel bad but otherwise my dd can't wait to have the party...
  15. givemeabreak

    free pogo mini item

    I sure hope so because I am like Jason, we have over 10 years on our 2 accounts too. My mother and I get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Maybe it's just us from Tenn that enjoy it LOL
  16. givemeabreak

    free pogo mini item

    OMG I play every day along with my Mom. It is still a great deal even with the problems they have every now and then.
  17. givemeabreak

    kind of random jar opener shaped like texas

    Donnasarno I have the same problem with jars and am lucky to have a son around too for that. But for when he isn't I took a piece of drawer liner that is knobby and feels like rubber cut it to any size you are comfortable with and it works like a charm. You can get a roll for less than 1.00...
  18. givemeabreak

    L'OCCITANE en Provence-Free Hand Cream

    I wish so many of the offers didn't make it mandatory to use FB. I have an account with the least bit of info the under my middle name for freebies. I really don't use my real acct maybe once a month.
  19. givemeabreak

    free college t shirts from coke rewards

    I got mine over the past several days but unfortunately they are way too small for me. Going to the donation pile. :uh:
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