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  1. we3kings

    FREE Pink Cookware Set w/ $30 P&G Purchase

    Purchase $30 of participating P&G products in one transaction at a participating store.
  2. we3kings

    Coke points

    Thank you. :bigthumb:
  3. we3kings

    silkies orders.....

    Same here. :uh:
  4. we3kings

    Hey there Lady- How's it goin'? Have a Great Day!

    Hey there Lady- How's it goin'? Have a Great Day!
  5. we3kings

    Cheap Method Laundry Soap @ Target

    Just go to the Method Facebook page and “like†them to print a $2/1 Method Laundry Detergent coupon! My Target store had these clearanced out for $2.54 for the 8 load small bottles. So just .54 cents for me. I was able to print this twice. P.S.-It prints on the whole page so it is an ink...
  6. we3kings

    MyCokeRewards Heads Up thread

    Deal today... Coupon for a 20 oz. Bottle of Dasani Water 24 Coke Points (regularly 40 points).
  7. we3kings

    silkies orders.....

    Yay, I received my order yesterday. My kiddo is happy. :wiggle:
  8. we3kings

    Free Download first 10,000 The Glitch Mob-We Swarm

    The Glitch Mob-We Swarm (Chris De Luca Remix)
  9. we3kings

    Thanks Cyndie! It was a good day! :)

    Thanks Cyndie! It was a good day! :)
  10. we3kings

    SUBWAY® $5 FOOTLONG™ FebruANY™ Deal

    Wednesday,​ February 1, 2012 at 7:00am until Wednesday,​ February 29, 2012 at 11:30pm. Participat​ing U.S. SUBWAY® restaurant​s FebruANYâ„¢ is on! ANY regular FOOTLONGâ„¢ is a $5 FOOTLONGâ„¢, all month long. Enjoy all your faves from the...
  11. we3kings

    Free Facial Samples From Mariobadescu

    Here you go-
  12. we3kings

    $30 for Clorox settlement, today only!! HOT HOT HOT

    IMPORTANT UPDATE ON CLAIM REVIEW Three class members have appealed the Court’s order granting final approval of the settlement to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal. Because of the appeals, claim review and the payment of claims have been delayed. The parties expect the appeals to be...
  13. we3kings

    Subway: $2 Cold Cut Combo & Meatball Marinara Subs –

    Only good a few more days. :yum:
  14. we3kings

    MyCokeRewards Heads Up thread

    The codes for points are printed on the inside of the box of 12 packs, ect. The codes on the bottles are on the inside of the caps.
  15. we3kings

    Burger King-Free Fries Friday-In Store-12/16

    Thanks. :)
  16. we3kings

    AMA House Party

    I got one on Friday. :h5:
  17. we3kings

    BOGO Free Whopper at Burger King

    I'm sure that prices vary by your area, but we did it yesterday and it was $3.89 plus tax. Our BK let us substitute the Whopper with a Original Chicken Sandwich.
  18. we3kings

    Tresemme Split Remedy Full Size sample !

    Thanks, Deb! :h5:
  19. we3kings

    Subway: $2 Cold Cut Combo & Meatball Marinara Subs –

    Subway is offering up $2 Cold Cut Combo and Meatball Marinara 6″ Subs during the entire month of December. * Prices and Participation may vary. US only. Prices Higher in Alaska and Hawaii. Additional charge for Extras. Plus taxes where applicable. More info-...
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