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  1. seeseebear

    John frieda full size sample

    WOW, Thanks, I got the same offer, I qualified for a free box of precision foam hair colour, and says my coupon will be mailed too me, fingers crossed!
  2. seeseebear

    1000 Free AT&T Wireless rollover minutes

    thanks! but I wonder like both me and my husband have an iphone but we have a family plan so will it work for both of us or just 1000 for each account???
  3. seeseebear

    possible free kemps ice cream Monday 7th

    If the packers win the super bowl Kemps is gonna give away free ice cream it says to wisconsin residents only:dunno: I guess it will be a printable coupon on thier facebook page because apparently it will only be good monday 7th till midnight,!/kempscows
  4. seeseebear

    free MLK t-shirt

    WOW i ACTUALLY GOT IT! Well I checked my mail this morning and I got a T-shirt, They said they were out of the MLK shirts and that it wood be a hot tub time machine but I got a Tan size Large mlk shirt with obama and M.L.K pics with white house and it says" its time for the change" and" We have...
  5. seeseebear

    free MLK t-shirt

    Well I got an e-mail from them on the 20th (after bout 4 other correspondences) saying my shirt had been shipped USPS and they gave me the tracking # , well I was and still am skeptical because when I first checked it all they told me was they have confirmation that this package is ready for...
  6. seeseebear

    kellee maize free cd and "terrible towel"

    just got an email saying if I shared her new video and then replied back with address that she is giving this away to first 500
  7. seeseebear

    possible free product testing from All You reality checkers

    they are looking for people to try frito lay all natural snacks!
  8. seeseebear

    free MLK t-shirt

    wow thats funny, I just recieved an e-mail from them telling me I did everything to qualify except to place an order for the t-shirt but the MLK t-shirt is sold out but if I was interested they had some hot tub time machine shirts available. Also they have another scheme going on that if they...
  9. seeseebear

    free MLK t-shirt

    yeah I am thinkin it was just a ploy to collect email addresses and they replied to a comment I made telling me they were out , but they still hadnt changed thier status so I called em out on it , oh well sorry to post it I just thought if it was legit someone might find it interesting.
  10. seeseebear

    free MLK t-shirt

    You have to like stock pod on face book and then email them 3 friends email addresses and follow them on twitter and then place your order it tells you how to do it fully on thier facebook page!/pages/Stockpodcom/109249289115563
  11. seeseebear

    Free Stampin' Up goodie box

    wonder if it is still active? I recieved a email today from an iffy free website newsletter mentioning this so i then searched it here but wow it was posted quite a long time ago oh well think i will pass:dunno:
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