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    Free sample of john Frieda luxurious volume

    John Frieda Luxurious Volume Sample ... 50150.aspx
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    $5.00 Survey-Nasonex

    We very much appreciate your participation in today's survey. As a thank you for your time, we will be mailing you a $5 check. In addition, you are now eligible to take part in our follow-up survey in 60 days. Upon completion of the follow-up survey you will receive an additional $5 check...
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    Free sample of Crest White Expressions

    Re: Crest Whitening Expressions Sample ditto :dunno:
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    free eraser set

    Thank you for requesting our Free Eraser Set. Please allow four to eight weeks for delivery, we hope you enjoy our gift. Limited time offer! We will ship for free the Eraser Set with Mailfinity logo to everyone. *Note - When I hit the submit button...
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    Free post its w/digilake logo

    Thank you for your order! Please allow 5-6 weeks for delivery.
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    Free Welcome Home Gift Pack

    Re: Welcome Home Gift Pack --1st 10,000 opps...sorry Chris...guilty of reposting :pat: You could always spank me and make me write bad checks :eek3: :rofl:
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    Free Welcome Home Gift Pack

    Welcome Home Gift Pack --1st 10,000 First 10,000* to respond will receive a Welcome Home Gift Pack — with free Ziploc® and Glade® products and coupons valued at $3.80. ... =111522495
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    $10.00 g/c from Ashlynns Gifts

    Chris, I "borrowed this" from another site... Thanks for visiting! We've got a large selection of products at incredibly low prices! Before you start shopping, register above, and then send me an email to receive a free $10.00 gift card number (if you do not already have one), THAT MUST BE USED...
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    Free monitor wipes
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    Arm & Hammer Advance White toothpaste

    Arm & Hammer Advance White toothpaste You will need to copy & paste this into your browser window
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    Free Obama button (moveon,org) They send a confirmation email which you must click on to confirm.
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    Chris, What Do You Think

    Just got the following email...what ya think? Healthy, beautiful hair starts with Dove protection and repair. Dear Cindy, I want you to have the healthy, beautiful hair you've always wanted. That's why I personally recommend the new Dove Therapy System. The unique serums repair and protect so...
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    Free 7.11oz slurpee from 7-11 (7/11/08)
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    free biodegradable golf tees

    order your free sample now! We will gladly send you a free sample! Just fill out the form below! (Product sample contains a bag with 3 pcs. BioGolfTees with standard-imprint ) Attention! Due to the enormous amount of inquiries for free samples delivery time can take up...
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    Samples of Weird Fragrances

    Omg...roflmao as it was posted by the aministrator of the site I "borrowed" it from. She thinks she is so smart...had dealings with that witch in the past (ugh). Just proves that you are the best at what you do! :kiss:
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    Samples of Weird Fragrances

    (Chris, I used the search on both forums and couldn't find this.) We are giving away samples of our upcoming unique (to say the least) unisex colognes, and all we ask in return is that you tell us what exactly you think about them once you have tested them out. Along with your sample, you will...
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    Free Disposable camera

    Shoot to Save Wildlife! Your mission: Raise awareness in your community about wild animals and how to live peacefully with them. Why? Whether you live in the city, the country, or somewhere in between, you’re sure to have wild neighbors. Deer, geese, skunks, raccoons, squirrels...
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    $15 Eshakti GC for New Customers
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    Free"The Guide to a Dog's Life: Chaining and Your Community"

    Have you seen chained dogs in your neighborhood? Want to help ensure that pooches in your community live inside with their families? Request a free copy of "The Guide to a Dog's Life: Chaining and Your Community"—a comprehensive, step-by step guide on how to pass an anti-chaining ordinance in...
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    Arm & Hammer toothpaste

    Chris...this is from Jill's Secret Solutions...I skipped the intro and it took me to this link... it acted kind of hinky but it did let me order it again for the up teenth time...usually if it is a old link it busts my butt.... :dunno:
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