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    Free Krispy Kreme dozen doughnuts if your birthday is today, Leap Day.

    To make this day extra sweet for our Leap Day birthdays, we are treating guests with a Leap Day birthday to one free Original Glazed® dozen as our gift to you! Available in shop and drive thru at participating shops only with proof of birthday. Offer not available online. Limit 1 per guest...
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    Milo's Tea loyalty program--free stuff for joining

    They say they will send you free stuff for joining their loyalty program.
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    Free Lipton Iced Tea -coupon

    You can print twice! :)
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    Purchase one GNC be-WHOLESOME Vitapak®, get a free water tumbler (mail-in)
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    Purchase two COVERGIRL products to receive a free fitted tee (mail-in)
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    Cool Juice coupon I can't use, would anyone like it?

    It's yours gato, just mail me your address. :)
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    Cool Juice coupon I can't use, would anyone like it?

    I know..I thought they would have it at Super Target, but it's only select states Super Targets...sigh
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    Cool Juice coupon I can't use, would anyone like it?

    Yep, they dont sell it in SC either, scmommy :( so it's still up for grabs.
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    Cool Juice coupon I can't use, would anyone like it?

    I don't think it's available in SC either :(
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    Cool Juice coupon I can't use, would anyone like it?

    I live in NC, they don't sell it here, so I want to give it to someone who can use it. It doesn't expire 'til 12/31/11. It's for a free 64 oz carton. Here are the states where it's available: Found under "Buy CJ" First one to post under this post, that lives in a...
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    Free Samples: Beauty Products You Can Try This Month (in-store beauty counters)

    One of the greatest parts of shopping for beauty products in a department store is the free samples! Nearly every company offers them, even of their $300 creams. But since they have a limited number, they want to dole them out only to potential (paying) customers. To get one, ask nicely. Request...
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    Free Nivea Lip care and Sambucol tablets at Rite Aid

    Yay! Got the two Nivea lipblams today. No problems whatsoever. Thank you!! :) (btw, I can't seem to find the coupon for the Sambucol, must be gone, I guess)
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    Free Hannah Montana book w/ Spinbrush purchase

    From Family Fun magazine: Purchase an "Arm & Hammer Spinbrush My Way" battery-powered toothbrush (or any Spinbrush for kids toothbrush), and send your receipt, name and address, to: Disney FamilyFun 114 Fifth Avenue, 12th Floor New York, NY 10011 Attn: K. Wegert You will receive a...
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    Free personalized flask from Copenhagen

    Thank you! Very cool!
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    Free shampoo, blowout, and gift at Ulta Feb. 16th & 17th

    Ad attached.
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    Free Durex LoveBox - First 400

    This is working now.
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    Free Red Strike energy drink at Murphy USA

    Cool, thanks. When I registered it also gave me a coupon for a free pack of M&M's. :)
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    Free sample Tend Skin

    Found in Shape magazine: Call 800-940-8423 or email
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