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  1. donnasarno

    300 Free shirts

    Laurelnev You are sooo right! I kept entering everytime someone on this forum posted new opportunity and never saw anything come thru! Waste of time. Glad you bring up these things so I know I am not the only one keeps missing out ! and btw everytime you have posted something if I dont get it...
  2. donnasarno

    Free Shirt and Catalog

    Thanks Jay!
  3. donnasarno

    Lots of free stuff to bid on for free from ebay type site....

    HI! :dunno:Does anyone know where the surveys for the points are? Crystal!:wavey: Get some cool stuff for the baby! So happy for you and saw its a girl! Yay!:jump:(no pink emoticons:hs:)
  4. donnasarno

    Lots of free stuff to bid on for free from ebay type site....

    Hi Jay! Thanks for all the free stuff you post!:jump: Got some fun things and helps alot when i cant afford to spend anything! Where do you do the surveys? I signed up and tried in the get started, earn points, but I cant find them.:dunno: I never have even gone on ebay so this is brand new to...
  5. donnasarno

    free 5.00 visa gift card

    I got thru right away and I talked to Jason and since I was on the mailing list it only took a minute. He said it may come sooner than the 4-6 weeks.I used code RF314524792.Thanks for cool promotion. Im going to need it after this week.Ready to go set up my tent at BestBuy and there goes all my...
  6. donnasarno

    kind of random jar opener shaped like texas

    Thanks wikipeace! Did you sign up for any other offers? I didnt so I am thinking they wont be sending me the random jar opener. I can never open stuff and I ask my son to please make a jar open for me all the time! He always has to say something like abra cadabra, open! But then he always opens...
  7. donnasarno

    Free Invitrogen Human Kinome Poster

    If I get this poster I will have amazed myself!
  8. donnasarno

    Possible Free Bag Of Jolly Time Popcorn!

    Thanks Jay! Me and my kids thank you!
  9. donnasarno

    Free Mary Kay mascara sample

    Thank you! *Freebielvr-I know I did sign up on the mary kay site for a freebie and I never have received anything yet either.
  10. donnasarno

    Free Post-it Super Sticky Notes sample

    Thanks Chris! Think I got it!
  11. donnasarno

    Free STAKK’D Caffeine Boost sample

    Thank you! Got some!
  12. donnasarno

    Free psoriasis bracelet, journal and skin lotion

    Thanks Chris! I have a family member that suffers from this and she signed up!
  13. donnasarno

    Free somme items for first 10,000

    Thanks! I cant wait for this! Everyone gets something!:v:
  14. donnasarno

    Nescafe Clasico sample

    At least I knew "gratis" is free... thanks! i finally found the english button and got it!:rofl:
  15. donnasarno

    60 Free My Coke Reward Points

    I finally got my 60 points after I wrote e-mails to both Coca-cola and swa!
  16. donnasarno

    Free $20 Groupon Credit!!!!

    How AuntCrystal ? Hi! I am glad I saw Melodies post even tho I didnt get one :(. I forgot :uh: I had $ to use! How do you get codes like that all the time? I only find them here!Which I am always grateful for! Thanks for sharing!!!
  17. donnasarno

    Free Fuse Science Enerjel energy sample

    Thanks Chris! I got it and I think it sounds really interesting. I think it said it has natural anti-inflammatory properties besides giving you energy. I can always use extra energy!
  18. donnasarno


    Well Web,At least I know who you are now!Over 20,000 posts?:uh:You must be busy!!! I cant even imagine. I will be thrilled when I get to the hundreds! What exactly do you do? If thats not too nosy of me? At least you can tell I havent been doing this for very long. I would have more posts if I...
  19. donnasarno


    SORRY WEB!! Thanks Laurelnev!+1 more ? Hi! I didnt want to leave out anyone so thanks! I see alot of names I start to recognize when I see them. I m horrible at names in person and I guess on line too. I always see you and Kathisierra is another name I remember but theres so many people on...
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