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    Deal Pulp - Diamonds International $50 for $20

    That's great. Diamonds are a girls best friend and my wallets worst enemy. If you can't go the high route, try finding some of other items online. I just found a black diamond necklace for my mate here for a lot cheaper.
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    2G Flash drive $5

    They used to be free? Where were yall shopping at?
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    K-Mart Specials

    Cool. Too bad K Mart is too far away from my home!
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    Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cereal “Try Me Free†Rebate

    Cool! This would be great for the new diet I'm on.
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    Free McAfee Internet Security after rebate

    Actually, I want to thank you! That's all good to know.
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    Free McAfee Internet Security after rebate

    So, would Norton work the same of Malwarebytes?
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    Free McAfee Internet Security after rebate

    Cool! I just got a new laptop. Looking for a good anti-virus. I'll try this out.
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    Free spaghetti entree at Fazoli's

    How is Fazoli's? I've never had it.
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    B1G1 40% off Select HP Ink

    Great! Ink is too expensive. I'm been running to Kinko's for months!
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    FREE Haiti Bracelet

    Cool. I would love to buy more too. I hope Haiti is really benefiting from these sales.
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