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  1. shelker

    The Gallery Collection - 12 Card Samples

    Nice ! thanks! hope I get em b4 Christmas...:)
  2. shelker

    Coldstone Creamery: Free Ice Cream when you buy one

    :( expires 9/8...too late..
  3. shelker

    Free DenTek Comfort Clean Floss Picks Sample

    No longer available...Does anyone ever receive these? Seems I've requested these more than once and never get any...:(
  4. shelker

    Free Emergen-C Kidz sample

    sweet thanks!!!
  5. shelker

    Free Advil

    I gave up.I tried over and over until I just decided it wasn't worth my time...will buy walmart 4$ ibuprofen instead...:(:dunno:
  6. shelker

    Entertainment Books 2/$10 shipped

    YEAH!! What she Says!!!:h5:
  7. shelker

    Entertainment Books 2/$10 shipped

    story of my life...Columbus central Ohio SOLD OUT! :mad::mad:
  8. shelker

    Free Snack Chicks Chickpea Crunch sample

    I make these myself at home but as always freebies are greatly appprectiated.Thanks Chris!
  9. shelker

    Earn FREE food for dogs and cats!!

    cute..thanks will do my part to help out
  10. shelker

    Free LED Credit Card Light

    HMMM weird looking thing...
  11. shelker

    1,000 Free Old Orchard Fan Club Reward Points

    survey closed..have reached the 10.000 limit...:(
  12. shelker

    Free Penetran+Plus pain relief lotion sample

    Free Sample Offer has Expired .........errgh!
  13. shelker

    Free Gift from Marlboro on 6/27

    yay! my pea brain remembered....a day late but still got one!! Thanks!:jump:
  14. shelker

    Free Gift from Marlboro on 6/27

    hope me and my peabrain remembers this one...:io:
  15. shelker

    Free safety glasses or Foam gloves

    :(stupid says products not found..I need a new pair of safety glasses bad too..oh well.:mad:
  16. shelker

    Free Jif To Go Peanut Butter sample

    NICE!!! Thanks.Peanut butter is high on my list of great things...:yum::h5:
  17. shelker

    Free GoodKind Natural Coffee Creamer sample

    Nice thanks..gotta love that creamer...:yum:
  18. shelker

    Free safety glasses or Foam gloves

    6/16 Free Gear Update: We are close, but not ready yet. We are creating mutiple shopping carts. Check again tomorrow
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