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  1. sondra1616

    free college t shirts from coke rewards

    thanks for posting! Lucky the codes are still valid!=) So do the ladies shirt look like girl shirts? I ordered the large women s but I'm hoping they are unisex? tia
  2. sondra1616

    free coupon for activa selects

    Just like them on facebook,click on tab enter email and it will be in your email Thanks MavenofSavin
  3. sondra1616

    first 15000 4-Piece Avon Anew Kit

    I posted thos after. I signed up I wasn't chosen either I guess it was more of a sweeps!
  4. sondra1616

    John frieda full size sample

    Thanks! Haircolor for me as well!
  5. sondra1616

    1,000 Free Product Coupons Given Away Daily Through Kroger

    how do u load your kroger card, mine keeps saying its invalid or should I just call customer service....i hate calling people!lol
  6. sondra1616

    first 15000 4-Piece Avon Anew Kit Receive a FREE 4-Piece Avon Anew Kit if you're one of the first 15,000 people to register as seen on The View today! Choose from Ultimate, Reversalist or Rejuvenate regimens. Thanks DSM
  7. sondra1616

    Free $15 Sephora Gift Card -survey

    Me 2 thanks for posting
  8. sondra1616

    Schick Hydro 5 - $2.99 shipped

  9. sondra1616

    Snapfish 100 prints 5.00 shipped

    use code CUPIDPICS you also get a gift with purchase 20% off red envelope,or proflowers 10 gift card for
  10. sondra1616

    Free Tide Stain Release

    yea by the time I got it to submit it was gone! Owell
  11. sondra1616

    Free Tide Stain Release

    its live
  12. sondra1616

    Kraft First Taste free Philly Cooking Creme

    I got 1.50 off as well,does anyone know how much this stuff is?
  13. sondra1616

    Free $15 Sephora Gift Card -survey

    Thanks! Great post!;)
  14. sondra1616

    Free Redbox Rental at Meijer

    use promo code 2MEJER56 good for one night~
  15. sondra1616

    Free $$ off P&GBrandSaver coupons

  16. sondra1616

    P&GEStore deal

    I did see someone posted the deal on hip2save,but I think it expired by the time they did(not the febreeze part but the coupon code for 10) not sure if its still working or not...
  17. sondra1616

    P&GEStore deal

    oh yeah and thanks for posting the link for the febreeze,it said it shipped as well!:fingersx:
  18. sondra1616

    P&GEStore deal

    Dawn Ultra Botanicals Honeysuc 10.3 oz 2 $0.01 $0.02 Febreze Home Collection Cranbe 5 oz 4 $0.00 Vicks Menthol Cough Relief Vap 20 ct 1 $0.00 Charmin Ultra Soft - 4 Large R 4 Large Rolls 1 $0.01 $0.01 Bounty Value Select-a-Size Pri 1 Big Roll 2 $0.01 $0.02...
  19. sondra1616

    Amazon Clothing Clearance-- Items as Low as $2 (plus shipping)

    Thanks got my boys some tops for spring
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