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  1. Mykatzrphat

    N-a-k-e-d Toilet Paper. Get a FREE Cottonelle Brand Roll Cover. Respect the Roll!!!

    I filled mine up with squares of tp and keep it right by the potty chair for Sedona. No trying to tear a square for her! All she has to do is reach in and grab one!
  2. Mykatzrphat

    $10.00 Credit @ The Clymb

    I believe the referral links are not allowed.....
  3. Mykatzrphat

    Hershey Cookie Exchange Party

    yep, third yr in a row not getting picked :(. No big woop, I'll bake anyway without their stinkin pack HAHAHA. And not only will I bake, I will exchange!
  4. Mykatzrphat

    AMA House Party

    I missed it at first, but if you look underneath that, there is an option that says "I already have it" or something like that. just click on that. I had to then just open up "remotes" and then start testing to see which group your tv etc fall in.
  5. Mykatzrphat

    AMA House Party

    The kits are supposed to arrive on or around the 15th. Also, several people received emails, seems they were double checking on some applicants' authenticity, and if they didn't contact MyParty back, they aren't going to get it.
  6. Mykatzrphat

    Get paid to receive free text messages!!!

    go to your post, hit the edit button, click delete if you want to delete the post, but if you are just wanting to delete your referral link that is still up there, you can delete that part of your post.
  7. Mykatzrphat

    free college t shirts from coke rewards

    Got all 4 of my shirts yesterday
  8. Mykatzrphat

    Free Suave sample box

    Worked fine for me! :bigthumb:
  9. Mykatzrphat

    A few free paid apps

    damn I wish I hadn't already paid for Robot Unicorn, but I got all the Angry Birds ones they had for free! Great timing too, just bought "Rio" today, and there is a code in the movie case for 15 secret levels! of the Rio version. #winning!!!!
  10. Mykatzrphat

    Free Gift from Marlboro on 6/27

    The team marlboro thing is a sweepstakes--if you click on "view projects", it will show this week's "project", and at the bottom of that screen, there should be a window that opens up when you hover over (or click-- I did it last night, and when I hover over it today, it opens right away showing...
  11. Mykatzrphat

    Actually, it has no affiliation with Etsy whatsoever, so it's not Etsy's "sale" site. "The term "Etsy" is a trademark of Etsy, Inc. This site is not affiliated with Etsy, Inc." ^that is plainly written at the bottom of their web page ;) It's a group buying type of page kind of like...
  12. Mykatzrphat

    1 year National Geographic Magazine Subscription $10

    comes up as $15 for me---still a great deal at $15 though!
  13. Mykatzrphat

    Free Rayovac batteries at Target Store

    I love when there are $1 Q's for them! Ours is right by the carts when you walk into the store.
  14. Mykatzrphat

    Free stuff from Doctor Oz next week

    I got the shoes too...can't believe I actually won one of those giveaways, but ... eh.... Wonder what color they'll send. I may have them up for sale/trade. I was pissed about how those pages were though...if they weren't saying I was too early, they weren't loading at all. But at least I WON...
  15. Mykatzrphat

    Free Cookbook from

    I received this this today! I LOVE collecting cookbooks, especially when they're free ;). Time to un-shrinkwrap this baby and see what's in it.:yum::yum:
  16. Mykatzrphat

    Amazon Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker ONLY $37

    oooooh I SO want to order it!!!!! I have been wanting one...but trying to save as much as possible for coming spring break trip to IN to see daughter! SIGH.....If I didn't think Bruce would bitch about it I would....
  17. Mykatzrphat

    SanDisk MP3 Player - 80% off

    I was wondering the same thing because I saw "...ref.." when I hovered over the link.
  18. Mykatzrphat

    Possible free stuff from P&G on monday

    One time a cpl yrs ago, I received one that had a Q for FREE Dawn on the back cover.
  19. Mykatzrphat

    Free LED Book light -NOT legit

    pretty much all the "Quality Health" things are not legit. They just harvest your info. yes, expect nothing but spam from them.
  20. Mykatzrphat

    Free Disney movie promo??

    yea we got that one on our yearly anniversary email, got our free dvd and got the points for it too LOL
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