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  1. PSBean

    My coke rewards wednesday deal

    be ready for the 12 days of xmas. i did read that you have to enter in a code per day in order to get the deal. :) a few days look good to me so far. kinda excited!!
  2. PSBean

    Sign up for Xbox One pre-order notification, get $10 Microsoft store credit.

    They are no longer offering the credit. :( Thank you for posting though. I'll have to keep my eye on this anyway for my son. :)
  3. PSBean

    Free Rising artists MP3s

    thank you, i cud give or take a few of them but some have potential. thank you very much. :) different selection as well, it's like a little something for every taste.
  4. PSBean

    Free One Year Subscription to Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine

    thnx, always wanted to try her mag out, love her show. :)
  5. PSBean

    up to $15 Free from Kellogg's Mini-wheats class action lawsuit

    me too, nice surprise. :)
  6. PSBean

    Free Snapple 6 Pack After Rebate

    i would call if i were you. this happened to me the last time as well. once i sent off the email i got a response saying that the checks would be in the mail by the end of next week. both times i had waited almost 3 months before contacting them. next week is my magical week. so excited. :)
  7. PSBean

    AMA House Party

    wahooo, my son got it. and we are super 'cited!!!!!!!! thnx for posting this update. :hug:
  8. PSBean

    MyCokeRewards Heads Up thread

    thnx, this is an awsm prize. :)
  9. PSBean

    Free metal Marlboro water bottle

    thnx :)
  10. PSBean

    Free 1 Year Subscription to Playboy

    thnx, ashamed to admit i actually enjoy the articles. used to think that was just an excuse for my then bf to get the mag. :)
  11. PSBean

    Free + Free Shipping! iPhone/iPod Date Cable

    thnx, that's AWSM!!
  12. PSBean

    Free Ultimate Ears Headphones

    won't accept the code, thnx for posting tho.
  13. PSBean

    Free Proud to be In Control of Me Above the Influence poster

    thnx, this is going in the teens room as a kind reminder of what NOT to do. :)
  14. PSBean

    Poss Free Hartz Nodor-Viewpoints

    thnx, not sure if i hav ever been lucky enuf to get signed up before they run out but it's worth a try. :)
  15. PSBean

    Free LED Credit Card Light

    thnx, luv wen they hav free cool little gadgets. :D
  16. PSBean

    Scrubbing Bubbles Free 4 Fans Giveaway Hint

    thnx hope i remember to look on the 11th!! :D
  17. PSBean

    Free Gift from Marlboro on 6/27

    yeah, i got mine!! thnx for the reminder. :)
  18. PSBean

    Free $15 Spa Cash Card

    if i'd a known that it was gonna be a discover "do what you want with it" card, i would have tried to get a whole lot more. free free free, LUV it!! congrats to all who now have one.
  19. PSBean

    Free $15 Spa Cash Card

    wow, so my spa can consist of chocolate and tater chips, mmmm momma like!! lol
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