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  • Oops.. I didnt notice that you said not to post if our names were not posted in the thread. soory :kekeke: I deleted my posts.
    lol yuppp its 2 am and i got 2 be up @ 7 am lol im sooo sleepy! but i cant get myself off the computer!! :run: im scared ill miss a freebie :kekeke:
    Papa John's pizza deal? Did you hear anything about it. It's posted on another site but I'm not sure it's legit. Tried to go to their facebook page but I see some people whining and others thanking for the free pizza.
    i did! thank you efrain! :kiss: i posted in the trade thank you thread. you are too kind!!! the envie had some challenges on the way. it was taped back together all the way around. :kekeke:
    thank you seth and nice to meet you! i've started to post in your threads a few times...but i'm not good with short answers. i'm afraid i would have gone ON and ON! i just answered your pm, by the way. :)
    Oh this is where I left that comment haha I have such bad memory. I love fat cats they make me chuckle but I do worry about their health :(. On another note thank you for all of your contributions here I am poor and grateful!
    oh you're welcome! i am so sorry about your husband's job. is he finding any glimmer of another one? i'm not used to using this chat thing too much and if i disappear it's cuz i don't know what i'm doing! lol..
    Thank you for the wonderful surprise I received in the mail this week! It couldn't have come at a better time! It has been a hard couple of weeks financially and those coupons will really help out. Thank you so much! You are a blessing.
    oh that's funny! my sister used to have a cat that looked like that! poor guy looks like he can hardly move. well i see you've changed your avatar three times lately. curly, curly and straight. those were cute pics.
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