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    MyCokeRewards Heads Up thread

    Thank you so much Maggie6872! :kiss: I thought for sure it was gone but I tried anyways and I got 10 points. :bigthumb: Thanks again! :) :jump:
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    MyCokeRewards Heads Up thread

    Today's Wednesday Deal is ONE ADULT TICKET TO SIX FLAGS for 250 points. Usually 1000 points. THERE IS A LIMIT OF 4 TICKETS PER MEMBER. This is a great deal but unfortunately for me they are too far away for me. Hopefully some of you all can take advantage of this. Here is the link...
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    HP Touchpads $99 or $149!!

    I got the same cancellation email. :(
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    HP Touchpads $99 or $149!!

    I just got this... Unable to process order. Please call 1-877-379-0036, or 212-414-6024, if outside U.S. :((
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    HP Touchpads $99 or $149!!

    Thank you so much Chris! I got one!!!! :h5::kiss::bowdown::bigthumb:
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    Free Snapple 6 Pack After Rebate

    I received my rebate check yesterday! YEAH!!! :)
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    $19 for 10-15lbs of Organic Produce

    You have to request it from their site. Log into your moolala acct and it under your items you bought click on the produce one and it will give you instructions on how to redeem your voucher. Thanks for the reminder I just ordered mine for July 19th.
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    Help lol

    I just bought mine off for $3.40 with free shipping. I couldn't see paying $20 at walmart for one.
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    $1 + Free Shipping - ThinkTank Technology 7 LED Head Lamp With Adjustable Head Strap

    Thank you! I ordered one for my 8 yr old. He will love it. He loves to work on things with my husband and this will be awesome! :)
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    FREE Haiti Bracelet

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    Walmart and Black Friday news

    They do not price match any item that is percents off or buy 1 get one free. I will go to wal-mart but only getting 2 of the lego buckets and 1 camera! :)
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    MyCokeRewards Heads Up thread

    Thank you so much for posting these. I just ordered a 12 pack soda coupon for hubby as he likes Diet Coke! :)
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    Lowe's Black Friday "pre-event" on Facebook

    i didn't get the shark :(
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    Crocs Women's Single Molded Flip $7.99/FS

    Thanks for posting this I just bought 2 pair for $13.98. :)
  15. soupbean73 Clearance

    Thanks Mishie. I ordered my daughter 2 pair of the shoes (size 3 for now and 4 for later) and a swimsuit all for under $11 including shipping! :)
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