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    Free Bamboo-Tipped Water Bottle From L&M it!!!!
  2. kathann

    Free Shirt and Catalog

    Thank You!!
  3. kathann

    Free Wire A Cake pen

    WooHoo! Thanks!
  4. kathann

    Free personalized flask from Copenhagen

    Haven't received mine either.
  5. kathann

    Free bandana and belt buckle from Marlboro

    I found it a bit my bandana though. Saved the game so I can go back to lasso some more!
  6. kathann

    Free Rilax Zzz sleep supplement sample-EXPIRED

    Thanks Chris.....
  7. kathann

    Free surprise from Wonderful Pistachios

    Done...see what happens.
  8. kathann

    Free duffel bag and 3 months of National Wildlife Federation Ranger Rick magazine

    The asked me for my email address. Maybe in the email they will ask for my mailing address? Soon find out.
  9. kathann Tiki Trivia

    Yes, thanks so much for the answer!!!!!! Enjoy!!!
  10. kathann

    Downy Tshirt Giveaway (and more...)

    Thanks for the info.......will keep on
  11. kathann Tiki Trivia

    Thank you! You're have to choose from the provided list.
  12. kathann Tiki Trivia

    Really appreciate the help. I am doing this for my daughter who is in college in North Carolina. Already won a t-shirt for her. She thinks I am
  13. kathann Tiki Trivia

    Thanks Windharvester!!!
  14. kathann

    Thenk You!!!! Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!!!!

    Thenk You!!!! Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!!!!
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