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    Samsung ML-1865W Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer $50

    Just to let you know that I just spoke with customer service and this does NOT come with the cartridges or toner :cry:
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    3 for .99 Nexxus Volumizing Spray Gel

    No, actually it was a pricing error...I emailed them about it
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    P&GEStore deal

    The spray may be restocked soon but the price wont be 0. They cancelled the orders for spray because of a "system error." I received 2 calls and an email telling me this. It just took them awhile to catch on :sadwavey:
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    P&GEStore deal

    I ordered 2 shipments on Wednesday and they got cancelled. I just got a phone call (VM) from P&G stating that they were cancelled b/c of a system they finally caught on that it was priced at 0
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    P&GEStore deal

    What Toph said :kekeke:
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    P&GEStore deal

    Product Quantity Price Dawn Ultra Botanicals Jasmine & Lavender Scent - 10.3 oz Item # 037000001812 10.3 oz 3 $5.37 Bounty White - 1 Regular Roll Item # 037000288381 1 Regular Roll 3 $5.07 Save: $0.25 $4.82 Febreze Home Collection Cranberry Pear Room Spray Item #...
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    P&GEStore deal

    Thanks! Too bad the Recyclebank code isnt there or I cant find it?? Product Quantity Price Bounty Basic Prints - 8 Regular Rolls Item # 037000283164 8 Regular Rolls 1 $7.99 Save: $0.25 Save: $0.77 $6.97 Charmin Ultra Strong - 6 Double Rolls (equal to 12 Reg Rolls) Item #...
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    Skippy peanut butter deals

    I'm :run: and dont understand...what's Subscribe and Save??? :uh:
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    Free nike shoes on tuesday from Doctor Oz

    :eek3: for a pair of Nikes??? Ur flat out crazy :kekeke:
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    Free $3150 for the first 3 people from Dr. Oz

    Me either....just went to a blank page :hs:
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    Up to king size quilt set $12.74!

    Just to let you know that the reviews say these are more for decoration b/c they are so thin...or you can out them underneath a comforter
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    $398 Gemma Redux necklaces for $39

    Guess I should pay attention :uh:
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    $398 Gemma Redux necklaces for $39

    Our website is a bit over-loaded at the moment. We have a new deal running at Please click here to start shopping using the code "TODAY2" at checkout to receive 50% off sitewide today only. :kekeke:
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    Free $10 pre paid debit card

    I always hit the red triangle under their name and just put "is this legit" in the box....hope thats okay :noes:
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    Free American Apparel Tube Bra

    She got it for hubbie's man boobs :io:
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