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    My coke rewards wednesday deal

    Thanks! That's what I thought it was. Bummer about not being able to do the deal but on the bright side it took like 6 hours to finally get through and get the card. Now I did go to the gym, do laundry, eat lunch and some other stuff while trying the site out, but still. I hope they go...
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    My coke rewards wednesday deal

    It took forever but I finally got through to get a target card. I didn't get anything last year, I don't remember why. Anyway, it says 1 redemption per account. Is that 1 per day, so 1 Target then you can do 1 McD's tomorrow etc, or 1 for the whole 12 days. I've seen people talk about both...
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    MyCokeRewards Heads Up thread

    I can't find it in the magazine section, must be gone. I don't like using coke points for magazines but I miss getting this one. Oh well.
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    target clearance

    I went to the Target by me this morning, was at a different one yesterday, and the ice cream maker was 15. Hoping it goes down more :) They were also going clearance crazy in the stationary section, from notbooks to scrapbook stuff. There's also a lot of tablecloths, placemats and towels in...
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    target clearance

    Charlotte, NC area has the 2 pack of gloves for 60 cents. And the bulk stuff 15% off. Not worth it until it goes 30% at least. They also had some 1 pint or 1/2 pint ice cream makers in the kitchen area marked down to 21 from 30. I'm hoping it goes closer to 10 because they had a ton of them...
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    N-a-k-e-d Toilet Paper. Get a FREE Cottonelle Brand Roll Cover. Respect the Roll!!!

    Thanks! Wonder if the Quilted Northern I use will fit in it, probably not. But they are cute containers.
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    $50 off Pet products at Mr Chewy

    It says the code isn't valid.
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    Lot 18/ Free Shipping

    I had an email this morning saying it had shipped, so we'll see how long it takes. Maybe I shouldn't have ordered a white.
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    Lot 18/ Free Shipping

    The wine I ordered last week still hasn't shipped. Now I realize it hasn't been below 90 in almost a month, well maybe a day or two it was in the high 80s, but how much does the temp need to fall for them to ship my wine. It'll be fall at this rate before it ships.
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    Lot18: Seafood Utensils (12 piece set) $4.99 shipped

    They have free shipping for the next 3 hours until 5est. The site is super slow. I didn't know they charged tax, so if you have the $20 left, pick something less than 18.99 if you want it free. It added about 1.54 tax to the 19.99 bottle I first tried.
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    Recycle Bank has $1 off Coke Products Coupons for only 10 pts

    I can't even get one. When I click add to cart it says - Please enter a valid quantity more than 1. So I enter 2 and then I get - Please enter a valid quantity less than 0. Being the smartass I am, I enter -1 and get - Please use numbers only in this field. please avoid spaces or other...
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    Free personalized flask from Copenhagen

    I thought it said 6-8 weeks? I think it'll take a bit because of the personalization. I hope mine comes.
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    Lowe's $10 off $50

    It's good until April 4th. Was hoping it was further out than that, I'm not ready to buy the stuff I need yet.
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    Free Valspar paint sample

    Thanks! I'm looking for a new color for the hallway.
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    Free Personalized Disney Beach towel with DMR points

    Those are cute, I would have gotten one for myself.
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