What kind of road roller


With regard to the function of the small roller we say he represents the success of the traditional manufacturing industry, while producing high levels of contemporary themes, to achieve the requirements of high stability and reliability. This is the benefits of large roller machine can not be replaced. The utility model has the advantages of small size, compact structure, convenient transportation, large work force and strong obedience, and is the most important characteristic of a small roller.Hand single drum roller.

Super large tanks reduce the added trouble, so that equipment can increase the working hours. The utility model relates to an adjustable folding handle, which provides a comfortable operating environment for the operator. A small drum should carefully choose the classification is based on the reality of the theme, above is the classification of small roller, how to accurately choose different models, today we come from analysis of national road or route two highway and bus lane, the compaction compaction ability should be larger by 6 ~ 10t; for the three follow the road or not, often compaction,Driving single drum roller

Best equipped with about 2T mobile innocence vibroll. For the cement concrete pavement, vibration roller driving series tire; for senior road bottom, the best choice of tire roller or wheel driving vibratory compaction, in order to obtain compact uniform; for asphalt concrete pavement, the driver should use the vibroll; pavement repair optional static flat roller wheel.
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