Western Family "stuff" (gotta live in the western states)


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http://mywesternfamily.com/mywesterns_h ... sodes.html

Go to the site and watch the latest webisode. After watching it, there is a link on the right side - if you click, you will be given a coupon for some type of free Western Family food. This week it is a burrito. Limit of 3 free per customer.

*The "dad" in the webisodes is my good friend. He really is quite funny in person.


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Thanks so much. We live on the Oregon coast...you can't get much further West, and stay on dry land. I printed out the coupon, and it doesn't have a scan bar on it. I was told recently that stores are not accepting coupons without scan bars. I will try it out and update.

Do you know if the offer will change to a different food? Should I come back and try on a different days for something else? Or is 3 per customer meaning that you get three burritos and your done?

thanks again :wiggle:
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