Walgreens Photo: 11"x14" Custom Photo Poster $2

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    1. Click here https://photo.walgreens.com/store/p...ers&cjevent=62c6a779e97411eb824a38bc0a82b838&
    2. Select 11" x 14" Custom Photo Poster
    3. Click "Create now"
    4. Add photo from your existing albums or upload new photo
    5. For best quality photos: After you click "Upload" (bottom right corner), there is an "Upload Preferences" option. Here you can change the resolution from the default "Standard Resolution" to "Full Resolution" and also remove the red eye correction. If you have already done this before, your preferences should be saved.
    6. Click "Add selected photos"
    7. Edit/modify photo as desired
    8. Click "Review Order"
    9. Click "Proceed to Cart"
    10. In cart, apply coupon code NOWPOSTERS for $9 off
    11. Price will be $1.99 with free same day pickup
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