Usage of Miniature Roller


Small roller is also called hand-held roller, the current production of small rollers are divided into hand-held single roller; hand-wheeled roller; three-seat roller. The engine is divided into diesel engines, gasoline engines.Hand single drum roller.

Hand-held roller use: 1, highway municipal maintenance for the construction of a solid layer of cement consolidation layer compaction; groove edge, corners of the asphalt concrete compaction. 2, highway construction in the culvert, channel, abutment and other structures backfill when the Beijing Network, a large roller can not work area of compaction operations. 3, the municipal landscape, real estate residential landscape, golf course construction in the sidewalk laying, the pavement pavement compaction 4, other construction area is small and sensitive to the weight of construction equipment compaction, naive and efficient to complete the compaction work .Driving single drum roller
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