Thermoplastic wood - plastic composite materials


Thermoplastic WPC is made of wood fiber or plant fiber filled, enhanced, by hot pressing compound, melt extrusion and other different processing methods made of modified thermoplastic materials. With the global resources in recent years, the growing depletion of environmental awareness has increased, the application of wood and petrochemical products put forward higher requirements. In this context, wood-plastic composite materials that can play the advantages of the various components in the material, to overcome the low strength of wood, variability and low elastic modulus of organic materials caused by the use of limitations, but also make full use of Discarded wood and plastic to reduce environmental pollution.Wooden Plastic Composite Material In India

At present, increasing the value-added materials, more and more people have been widespread concern. Nowadays, the research focuses on the research and development of the research and development of the research and development of the research and development of the research and development of the wood industry. As raw materials, by extrusion, injection molding, compression molding made of composite materials. From the production of raw materials, wood-plastic composite materials can be used a variety of waste plastics, waste wood and crop residues. Therefore, the development and application of wood-plastic composites can help to reduce the pollution of plastic wastes and reduce the environmental pollution caused by agricultural waste hotel external wall cladding

Wood-plastic composite material production and use, will not be distributed to the surrounding environment of the harm to human health volatiles, the material itself can be recycled, is a new green products, but also an ecological clean composite materials. Therefore, the study of the preparation and processing of wood-plastic composites, contains a huge economic and environmental benefits.cheapest way to mak outdoor flooring
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