Tello: 25% Off 6-Month Wireless Prepaid Plans: Unlimited Talk & Text + 4GB Data $14.30/mo. for 6 Mon

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  1. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member New / Existing Customers opening a New Line: 25% Off Tello Prepaid Service Plans for your First 6 Months with prices starting as low as $3.80/month. Shipping is free for your no-cost Tello SIM Card Kit (included with this offer).
    Must stay on this plan for a period of 6 consecutive months in order to retain this offer pricing. If you change your plan during the promotional period, the discount will not longer apply going forward.
    New customers get their First 6 Months of service with
      • Unlimited Talk & Text, plus:
        • 1GB data $7.50/mo. (then $10/mo after)
        • 2GB data $10.50/mo. (then $14/mo after)
        • 4GB data $14.30/mo. (then $19/mo after)
        • 6GB data $18/mo. (then $24/mo after)
        • 8GB data $21.80/mo. (then $29/mo. after)
        • Unlimited Data (first 25GB at high speed 4G LTE/5G speeds, then throttled to Unlimited 2G speed) $29.30/mo.(then $39/mo. after)
        • & More starting at $3.80/mo.
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