Taste Of Home $5 Cookbook Sale!!


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Taste Of Home $5 Cookbook Sale!!

November 9, 2010 · 0 comments


Yay!! The Taste Of Home $5 Cookbook sale is back! This comes around a few times each year and the good cookbooks always go out of stock quickly.
There is a GREAT selection this time around and I’m really having trouble resisting buying one (or four).
Most of the cookbooks are regularly $25 – $30 so $5 for these is a great deal!
You can also get free shipping PLUS and additional 20% off if you spend $20 or more when you use the code “LST26†at checkout. Make sure your total is $20 after the 20% discount.
You can look through the Cookbooks here: Taste of Home $5 Cookbook Sale


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I bought some today. I wish they had the Cooking for One or Two, but when I put it in my basket it said it was discontinued. I found lots of other good ones, though.
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