Target: UP Blu-Ray Combo Pack + Journal ONLY $9.99--FREE after Rebates!


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Target: UP Blu-Ray Combo Pack + Journal ONLY $9.99--FREE after Rebates!

I know you all are probably getting sick of all the UP movie deal posts, but here is one more--this should be the last one!;)

I've heard from a few readers now that the UP Blu-ray & DVD combo pack is actually ringing up for just $19.99 at Target. It may not be marked at this price, so you'll definitely want to have it price checked. Plus, I've also heard that some of these combo packs actually have a FREE UP Adventure Journal attached to them! Use the $10/1 off coupon from here to score the UP Blu-ray combo pack and journal for just $9.99!

Also, don't forget about the two $5 rebates I mention here! You can submit for both of them which will make the Blu-ray combo pack and journal FREE! Yay!


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yup its 19.99 for a limited time but this is what i did

price match monster in 18.99 and UP for 19.99

-10 UP ip
-8 Monster inc ip
-10 target ip for both

oop 10 + tax but used gc from glade deal so FREE!! :)


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Don't forget about the rebates. I went to do the deal and both of my Targets had TONS of UP and 1 row of Monsters Inc which was sold out..UGH.


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How much do the Kernel Seasons cost? You have to buy 2 to get the $5 rebate and I didn't see any coupons for Kernal Seasons. I did print out two $1 off coupons for the Birds Eye Voila.
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