"Tangled" Disney 4-Disc Blu-Ray/DVD $19.99 with Coupon at Target

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    "Tangled" Disney DVD will be available in stores on March 29, although I already received my copy from Amazon.com in the mail today!

    There is a $5.00 off coupon which is only good for the FOUR-DISC Blu-ray/DVD combo at:


    The four-disc version includes 3-D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD and digital copy.

    The two-disc version includes standard Blu-ray (not 3-D) and DVD.

    The best prices I've seen are listed in the weekly Target ad. $24.99 for the four-disc version and $19.99 for two-disc version, and $14.99 for DVD only. Plus all Blu-ray combos at Target are bundled with a free Tangled Little Golden Book.

    You can use the $5 coupon for the four-disc version so the final cost will be $19.99 at Target, and you get the free Little Golden Book.


    You also can get a $5 rebate when you buy Tangled Blu-Ray or DVD with two packages of Success rice.

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  3. baccarra

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    Best Buy

    Best Buy has similar prices, but you get a small stuffed lizard of some sort with the blue ray bundles

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