Some borders stores, EVERYTHING 60 - 90% off?


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I'm visiting family this weekend and we visited Borders, there's a huge one here in Nashua, NH and it's closing so everything is 60 - 90 % off. Even DVDs, Blu-Rays, CDs, books, etc. We got 185 dollars worth of stuff and paid 2 dollars total (+ 30 dollars in gift cards ;)) WoWza! They had slim pickings, but there was a surprising amount of stuff. I know Borders is slowly going down the hole, so check around and see if yours are having this sale. And if you live near Nashua, NH, go to that one!
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Sounds like FUN! Glad you could take advantage of the deals. The one by me isn't closing - - yet - - at least there were no signs last week. Maybe I should look this week.:jump:


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One of the stores near me is closing and each time I buy something they include in the bag coupons for 50% and 33% off one item good until May 7th.
Nice bonus.
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