Snoopy Watch $3.38 shipped


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Oooh that is so cute!

I think I've posted this warning before, but if not, I'll post it again:

This site does take FOREVER to ship items. The company is based in Hong Kong (or at least that's where their items are stored), so not only does it take them anywhere from a couple days to 2+ weeks to ship, it also takes about a week to arrive after they ship it.

I suggest that if you order ANYTHING from this site, you make sure you aren't in any hurry to get it.

But I totally love this site. I've ordered lots of things from there. Most of their items are well worth the prices. And a lot of the times they have the same exact items sold in stores for half the store price.

But, some of their items are cheaply made. You really need to read all the reviews on items, read the size specs, and look closely at the pics they offer.


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I wear scrubs to work, and they are mostly Character ones (Strawberry shortcake, Curious George, Care Bears, SNOOPY!!, Hello Kitty, Precious Moments, ect...) I think they will look cute.


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Thank You Web

Thanks Web, for posting this. I didn't get the watch but did get some other stuff. And will go back again.

Thanks :jump:

Tina :wavey:


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Nope, didn't see a size but the comments are good about it. Only a few said anything negative and they still said was a good buy.

Tina :wavey:

HERE IS A COMMENT....................

Pros: The watch looks more than what you pay for. This can be a good gift for anyone. The time has also been pre-set already when it arrived.

Cons: Some of the stitch ends seem sticking out at the belt area. But no big deal since you just need to trim it off.

Other Thoughts: It's a good low priced gift for anyone

Bottomline: I have to admit the watch indeed looks very nice and I really like it. If you want some inexpensive gifts to someone, consider this one.:wavey:

i have a whole piggie flashlight that was .99. don't remember which website but it shipped from hong kong. not sure if it even still works (!)


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What I got........

I bought 2 solar lites, with hurricane season here this is a good thing to have. Plus my daughter can use it for a nightlite :D These are priced cheap. I am into solar powered thangs :wiggle: The reviews were pretty good. Oh and bought one of those solar head nodding characters :jump:

That is what I bought and thanks again for posting it!


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ooh! solar powered is good. i had a butterly lamp that twinkled at night. loved it! but it died last summer. sniff sniff!

Oh poor butterfly
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