Prime Members: NOCO Genius G3500 6V & 12V Multi-Purpose Battery Charger $35

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    The NOCO Genius G3500 Smart Battery Charger is deisgned to charge 6-volt and 12- volt lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries up to 120Ah.
    It can efficiently charge automotive, marine, RV, powersport, lawn & garden and deep cycle batteries.
    Intuitive LED indicators provide visual state-of-charge feedback and diagnostic information, even when in maintenance mode.
    The G3500 monitors battery activity for safe and efficient charging, automatically minimizes energy consumption and provides redundant levels of safety protection, including spark-proof technology, as well as reverse polarity and overcharge protection through an onboard microcomputer.
    G3500 charges batteries twice as fast when compared to ordinary chargers and is designed for use with CANBUS electrical systems and micro-hybrid start-stop vehicles.
    It also features external mounting holes and a rubberized base that avoids surface slipping and scratches, while remaining impact, UV and water-resistant (IP65).
    Designed for use on 120-volt 50-60Hz electrical systems, the G3500 includes both X-Connect battery clamps with integrated eyelet terminals
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