Paved with an American style wooden floor

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    Paved with an American style wooden floor

    American home stresses nature, the original ecology, strong, durable, American flooring is the case. American flooring to abandon too much cumbersome and luxurious, both simple and neat, and warm and comfortable, attaches great importance to the natural comfort of life, fully showing a simple flavor. Wooden floor is the first choice for many home decoration materials, in addition to the purchase stage need to pay attention to, wood flooring installation is also a very important thing in the home decoration, if improper installation, it will affect the floor life and overall beautyconvert wood deck to composite

    American classical style of the floor, the design of retro, the color is relatively heavy, but more classic than the European-style floor and relatively lively, with the retro and yet warm and comfortable atmosphere. Modernism of the floor of the classical refusal to the clear, modern lines to the performance of classical elements, with warm colors, to maintain gorgeous retro at the same time, without losing the practicality. For a simple, casual and mashup temperament of the modernist style, with a single element in which there is no excessive constraints, in general, as long as it is simple, color texture, there are some fine floor, can be with the good With effect.wood plastic composite balcony flooring

    Quiet, natural, indifferent to the American style of the pastoral style, so in general, back to nature of the light-colored wood, or color saturation is low, the use of fresh and elegant texture to reflect the natural wood texture of wood flooring, are with the rural pastoral style The best choice.

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