Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by amturner, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. amturner

    amturner New Member

    Ok, Chris, you'll probably have to clean this up fo me, but here it goes.
    This is technically a contest, but I posted it in freebies as it seems very very easy to win. I played three times and won three times.

    Pampers points has a new contest you can enter by using three of you points. Well I scolled down the page a bit and in really fine print near where it talks about the rules, it says alternate form of entry. You click on that and enter for free without using your points. I used points for my first one cause I hadn't seen the alternate entry thing. I won a month's supply of pampers diapers. I used the alternate entry for my other two (you can only enter three times a day) and on one I won the silver photo package and on the other I won the bronze.

    You have to have to be a memeber to access this apparently, so here is the main site:

    go there, sign up, and browse all rewards. The first one or so will be the winter match game. click on that, scroll down page to around the middle, click on alternate entry and there you go.

    Ok, Chris, I know this is a mess, I'm sorry. I don't know how to make it neater and more to the point, so please help! thank you!!! :bowdown:
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  3. N6NCY

    N6NCY New Member

    Thanks I didnt realize this contest was there! I played 3 times (limit per day) and I lost each time. :(
  4. mommyoflizzy

    mommyoflizzy Lizard Beth's Mommy

    i dont have enough points to play anything....i have 1
  5. amturner

    amturner New Member

    Ok, first do a search on the main page for points, some of the other free ones might still be good.
    Also, you should still be able to play for free by clicking the alternate entry method. Let me know if that works.
  6. mommyoflizzy

    mommyoflizzy Lizard Beth's Mommy


    You won a Shutterfly Silver Package containing 25-4x6 prints, 2-5x7 prints and 1-8x10 print from Pampers Gifts to Grow! We'll be sending you an e-mail shortly with more details.

  7. amturner

    amturner New Member

    Woo Hoo!! Congrats.
    N6NCY, maybe you could play agian tomorrow?
  8. peanut24

    peanut24 New Member

    holy crap, I didn't win, but I will play again tomorrow, I can't believe they are taking away peoples points for this when you can do it for free!

    I got all the things wrong matching, I noticed at the bottom it says "skip to results" I wonder if you even have to do the matching?
  9. amturner

    amturner New Member

    No, you don't have to do the matching. I read somewhere in fine print that the game has nothing to do with weather you win or not.
  10. N6NCY

    N6NCY New Member

    I defiantly will! I would love to win the diapers!!:fingersx:
  11. MyEmptyCanvas

    MyEmptyCanvas Queen of Freebies

    Didn't win ...
  12. peanut24

    peanut24 New Member

    man this game hates me, I can't win a thing! WTG to the ones that do!
  13. Diana

    Diana homesick member

    lol.. Me either
  14. amturner

    amturner New Member

    I'm sorry guys. If it makes you feel better, I won all three times yesterday, and today i didn't win at all. So maybe you'all with have better luck tomorrow?

    Good luck!!
  15. getitfree

    getitfree New Member

    oh.. I was being very careful to make sure I matched them!! :rofl:
  16. jamie

    jamie Just Ducky

    WOW.. I didn't know about it.. gonna start to play!
  17. Pezgurl

    Pezgurl New Member

    I lost, but good to know I can try tomorrow.:)
  18. amturner

    amturner New Member

    Yeah it runs till feburary something, so hopefully that'll be enough time for everyone to win a little something.
    Oh, and don't forget for those of you that have enough points to redeem something (a book or whatever on pampers) they are having free shipping till the end of December.
  19. Carina89

    Carina89 Contest Queen

    yay i won something :)
    Congratulations! You have been selected to receive a prize in the Winter Match Game, administered by ePrize.

    You have been selected as the winner of a Shutterfly Silver Photo package including 25-4x6 prints, 2-5x7 prints and 1-8x10 print!

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