Oculus Quest 2: Advanced AIO Virtual Reality Headset: 256GB $359, 64GB $269

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    Normal price is $299.00

    After applying 10% target circle offer and the 5% Redcard discount, the new oculus quest is a total of $255.64!

    If you are interested in the 256GB model of the Oculus Quest, apply these discounts for a total of $341.15

    Oculus Quest 256 GB https://www.target.com/p/oculus-que...eality-headset-256gb/-/A-80899797#lnk=sametab

    To get the 10% target circle discount code, sign up with a new target account and join target circle at this link: https://www.target.com/circle

    Additional accessories links:
    Elite Headstrap
    Carrying Case
    Elite Headstrap with Battery + Carrying Case
    Quest 2 Fit Pack
    Quest 2 Link Cable

    *Disclaimer* 10% Target circle offer is applied to a single item only!

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