My Habit $10 off first order/FS ends 6/1

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    Amazon has decided to launch a private sale website (much like Rue La La or Zulily) called My Habit. From now through June 1st, you can get $10 off your first order when you use the coupon code MYHABIT1 at checkout. Things have been selling out like hot cakes because there is a thing to love about MyHabit and that is that you get FREE Shipping on your order no minimum order required! that is something that no other daily boutique sale site is currently offering. Gotta love Amazon.

    Anyway, the reason I am telling you is because today’s sale (starts at 12 noon EST) on the children’s section is on See Kai Run shoes. I do not know what the prices will be, but with the free $10 credit and free shipping I think there might be some good deals to be had. But check out this sale early because other sales have been selling out over the past few days.
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    thanks :)
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    i just realized you have four chestnuts now. aren't you special? :kekeke:
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    :rofl: it just popped up. :dunno:
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    i was just laughing my butt off a minute ago cuz somebody repped me for "taking out the trash". :kekeke: i thought gee, how did they know what i did all day? :rofl:
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    that's hilarious! :rofl::rofl::rofl: ha ha ha

    hmm let me check my comments...


    not very interesting.. i had green ones and non-green ones though :dunno:
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    non-green ones? what's that? i have a feeling the trash comment came from nicole. :kekeke:
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    look! here.... >>> X <<<<

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    chestnuts LOL
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    I really didn't see anything on that site that i liked. :( Thanks Alice! :)
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    hip2save:, a new private shopping site, is offering up a $10 discount by using promo code MYHABIT1 during checkout! Even sweeter, MYHABIT always offers FREE shipping (no minimum!) and you can use any Amazon credits you may have from Swagbucks (or another source) on their site!

    They have an awesome OshKosh shoe sale currently going on with shoes priced as low as $15, so ONLY $5 shipped after the promo code! I actually snagged a FREE pair due to having a $5 credit on Amazon! Yay!
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    there are some free kids clothes on there for less than 2 years...after coupon obviously

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