Marlboro Sweepstakes, aka Biggest Night of the Year

Discussion in 'Contests' started by willow01, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. ds5v50

    ds5v50 Member

    Here is a scren shot of what it has looked like for quite some time, No matter what time of day or week I spin it. It always lands on the same three characters.

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  2. CARAMEL42

    CARAMEL42 Member

    I"m getting the same thing too:dunno:
  3. rocksprite

    rocksprite Member

    where can I go to play the camel game? can you post the link I can't find it anywhere? Thanks!
  4. ds5v50

    ds5v50 Member
  5. rocksprite

    rocksprite Member

    where specifically on the site can I find the spin game? I still can't find it. Anyone have the actual link or can tell me where to click? Thanks!
  6. Scubabobby

    Scubabobby New Member

    99th Birthday-instant win
  7. rramssnappy

    rramssnappy Member

    Nobody home hello!! Nothing going on yet. No new marlboro contest yet. Received Chalk glasses today, a black ring so you can write on them:jump::jump::r::xmas:
  8. rramssnappy

    rramssnappy Member

    (LoL) Had to Refresh
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  9. Rileyxrsmom

    Rileyxrsmom freebie freak

    i cant wait for a new marlboro game im trying for a top prize this year.
  10. rramssnappy

    rramssnappy Member

    Marlboro has changed it's site, it's different. No contest but coupons and little a butt can.

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