Make A Free Custom Christmas Video - Kids Or Adults

Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by sunedaz77, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. sunedaz77

    sunedaz77 New Member

    The Magic Lives On
    Santa Claus and his amazing PNP console will be online during the entire holiday season. With just a few clicks, this technological marvel will let your loved ones receive a personal message from Santa Claus, sent directly from his village in the North Pole. Rediscover Christmas with this immersive and unique experience that brings the holiday magic back to life.

    :tree: :xmas: :tree: :xmas: :tree:

    This is one of the best I have seen. You can upload photos for that personal touch!


    Here is the other one. Santa looks a lil cheaper (?) in this one, but I used it for comical videos to adults. You can upload photos here also.
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  3. VWBugGirl

    VWBugGirl Member

    Thank you! This is too cute. :xmas:
  4. Cyndie

    Cyndie Mommie Dearest

    OMG, that is too cute!!!
  5. Kristina

    Kristina New Member

    thanks, too cute!
  6. livertpt

    livertpt New Member

    This is a really good site!
  7. Suellen

    Suellen The Church Lady

    I think I did this last year for my youngest. He loved it!!!
  8. haydudeitsme

    haydudeitsme New Member

    So awesome!!! I just did this for my older one (he's 3 1/2) and he will love it! My little one will like watching it, but probably won't pay attention long enough to get to the pics and whatnot. Thanks for sharing!
  9. toniasdeals

    toniasdeals New Member

    FREE Video Message from SANTA!!! AWESOME!!

    I have had sooo much fun with this website! You can send personalized messages from Santa to kids, adults(adult humor!!), your boss, customers....every message is different depending on what answers you give. My nephew is on SUPER GOOD BOY Behavior after his little "Santa's watching you" message! It's free, they make money only if you or your recipient decide to buy the download.
  10. Franziska

    Franziska New Member

    Just did a really sweet one for my fiance. He loved it. Thanks for sharing this site.
  11. Amoeba

    Amoeba New Member

    This is sooo cute!
  12. toniasdeals

    toniasdeals New Member

    I ssent one to my daughter that had santa tell her how proud her was of her trying not to spend too much money on shoes! She loved it, you should see her closet!
  13. haydudeitsme

    haydudeitsme New Member

    I sent my 3 1/2 year old one, he thought it was great!
  14. merr

    merr New Member

    love this thanks

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