Kohl's 20% off today and 5 off 5

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by getitfree, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. getitfree

    getitfree New Member

    If anyone is doing the 20 percent off and you have the 5 off 5 from registering.. have the cashier take the 20 percent off coupon, then TOTAL your order, then give them the 5 off 5.. otherwise, the register will take the 5 off 5 first, then calculate the 20 percent off. Not a big deal, but you save more doing it the first way. Also, there is an additional 15 percent off toys. My store has some toys on clearance for 60 percent off.. then they took off 15 percent more, then 20 percent.. then I used my 5 off 5. Pretty good deal! :jump:

    Oh.. and I put the pony that I got for my boys as my avtar.. the pony was $99 plus shipping from amazon, thanks to a post from an awesome user of this site!! Thanks.
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  3. Brittney

    Brittney New Member

    i work at kohl's and our computer will take the dollar coupon off before the percent no matter which order we scan them in (for most coupons). i am not sure if it is just my kohls or if they are all this way.
  4. getitfree

    getitfree New Member

    My Kohl's did it that way too.. even when the percent off was scanned first.. I was able to avoid that by having the cashier total the order, then once I had a balance due.. I used the 5 off 5. Not really a big deal.. I don't mean to come across as a cheap skate or anything.. but every little bit helps..lol
  5. scmommy

    scmommy New Member

    well said! Never hurts to try. I spend enough money in that store anyway. :kekeke::bowrofl::kekeke::bowrofl::kekeke:
  6. helobuff

    helobuff New Member

    Every little bit helps is right! Thats the point of this forum I think. .we are trying to save as much as possible! Great job! :h5:
  7. Brittney

    Brittney New Member

    i wasnt trying to call anyone cheap...i was just saying that at MY store it wouldn't work...the computer would not let it go through no matter how we did it...i wish it would work at mine...i would be doing it too =P
  8. getitfree

    getitfree New Member

    Oh.. I didn't think that you were calling me cheap..lol... I just thought that what I said may have sounded like I was cheap.. it's fine. Anyone who works retail and puts up with customers certainly has my respect.

    Today I was able to get those weeble wooble playschool toys, two in a pack for free.. they were 10, marked down to 5.. and then I used the 5 off 5. Pretty cute toy.. they really really wooble..lol

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