Kmart Smart Assist savings program For Unemployed Customers

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    Not sure this is really a "hot deal" but I wasn't sure where else to post it.

    20% Off Select Own-Brand Merchandise for Unemployed Customers

    Kmart own-brands give you huge savings versus your favorite national brands every day...and now you'll get to increase those savings by an additional 20% off over 1,500 regular-priced grocery and drugstore items for up to six months!

    Get 20% Off With Your Reusable smart assistsm Savings Card

    Eligibility:Kmart customers who present state-issued identification (driver’s license or identification card) and a state-issued unemployment benefits enrollment confirmation are eligible to participate in the program (“Eligible Participantsâ€). At checkout, cardholders will be required to show their valid discount card, their state-issued identification card for signature verification and their state-issued unemployment benefits enrollment verification. Valid signature verification is required to use the card. Terms & Conditions Program?adCell=W4
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    i think this is a good place! :dunno: i remember reading about this ages ago but then it said only michigan or something like that. maybe it's everywhere now.
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    they had all the states listed in the "choose your state" section, but I didn't dig any further into it. I just thought it was worth looking into for someone that might need it ;)
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    yep, could be true! :D

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