Kelloggs FAR Cereal

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by wendimj, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. wendimj

    wendimj New Member

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  3. Moderator

  4. Christina

    Christina Wildlife Loving Member

    Free cereal tastes so yummy! :kekeke:
  5. rissasweetay

    rissasweetay Active Member

    That will work great with the $1 QPs that Vocalpoint just sent out!!
  6. Carina89

    Carina89 Contest Queen

    thanks :)
  7. Kay

    Kay Worker Bee

    :h5: score!
  8. MyEmptyCanvas

    MyEmptyCanvas Queen of Freebies

    Yep, I got them today along with the BOGO free one... I normally don't eat Frosted Mini Wheats, but I will if they're free :rofl:
  9. rissasweetay

    rissasweetay Active Member

    I loove Frosted Mini Wheats. My 2 yr old even eats them.
  10. Moderator

    all Kellogg's offers

    i was trying to find their "real" rebate form rather than the heyitsfree upload! don't see it in there yet but i'm still lookin'. maybe it got pulled already although that doesn't make sense since it's not over yet.
  11. Moderator

    ooh. guess it's good i printed this. it went bye-bye.
  12. Moderator

    i saved the link for this if anybody needs it.

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