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    seems to be a recurring problem tonight!
  2. wendimj

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    According to my mailed coupon:
    Does not apply to Cosmetics & Fragrances, Cookware, Electronics, Floor Care, Furniture and Matresses, Kitchen Electrics, Personal Care, Sephora, Levi's, Outlet Stores, Services, Salon Service & Service Contracts, or Gift Card/e-Gift Cards, Current orders or prior purchases, and the follwoing additional and catalog purchases: Value Right, 2 or more/Combo prices and Toys.
  3. auntcrystal77

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    well heck i wanted a toy--thanks for posting that so now i know :)
  4. wendimj

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    :kiss: you're welcome. I was always trying to use it in the outlet to get the best deals and couldn't. Now I just hope I get the mailed coupon so I can take it to the store. I get way better deals that way anyway except that it's in Idaho and I have to pay tax and drive 45 minutes to get there :puke:
  5. 3bears

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    Thanks for pointing that out. i was about to buy cosmetic stuff. dannggg:eek:
  6. ByandBy

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    Clearance!Underground Soul® Destructed Skinny Jean
    Item# RP664-1261D
    Color: Dk Sunnydell Wash
    Size: 3

    Sale $7.99
    Original $42.00
    In Stock $42.00 1
    Savings ($34.01)

    Clearance! ARIZONA Favorite Vee
    Item# RP662-5355D
    Color: White
    Size: Large

    Sale $2.99
    Original $12.00
    In Stock $12.00 1
    Savings ($9.01)

    Promotion: ($10.00)
    Total Savings: ($53.02)

    Subtotal: $0.98
    Shipping & Handling: $4.50
    Tax: $0.50

    Please print this page for your records. If you have questions regarding your order or our website, call 1-800-322-1189.

    Order Total: $5.98

    This is such a great deal for an outfit. Girls or should I say teens love those skinny jeans! And They have them on clearance for $7.99 :)
  7. rissasweetay

    rissasweetay Active Member

    Thanks for the deal, my daughter loooves those skinny jeans :uh:
  8. dolphindreams

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    has anyone ever joined the JCPenney Fun Family Rewards free trial just to get the $10 JCPenny g-card and then cancel?
  9. ByandBy

    ByandBy New Member

    Yes, I did and got the reward a little close to the trial ending but I did get it and did cancel before I was charged. :)
  10. afan

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    The coupons are based on the card you have. They have 3 different ones, regular, gold and platinum based on the amount you spend each year. The rewards, ie coupons, free catalogs, coupon for your birthday, etc are based on which card you have. One of them probably had a better card because she spends more money there.

    As for getting the coupon in the mail this code is attached to, you should have gotten it already if you were supposed to get it. I always get mine 3-7 days before the sale period.

    I shop at JCP a lot. I get most of my work clothes/shoes there. Great place for solid color t-s and tanks and you generally don't have to buy something regular price.
  11. meg1111

    meg1111 New Member

    are you only allowed one $10 off promotion per account?
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    i don't think it matters since you don't even have to have an account to use it. i didn't realize until last night i didn't have an account. and that link with the promo code took me forever to find. i had to go back to the beginning once i'd registered.
  13. meg1111

    meg1111 New Member

    ok because I ordered like 3 items. Seperate orders and this is what they just sent me. Here is what I got:

    Thank you for your reply.

    The promotional discount ten4you, is valid for one-time use on a single
    order. This information can be found on the promotional offer and in the
    exclusion information. Our records indicate you have already used this
    promotion on order number ####-####-####-####.

    We have multiple orders from you and the additional orders do not
    qualify for this discount. Please let us know if you are interested in
    receiving the additional orders without the discount. We may be able to
    combine the orders to help you save on shipping and handling costs.

    We will hold your orders for a period of 10 days pending a response to
    this e-mail. If we have not heard from you within that time, we will
    assume you are no longer interested and your orders will be canceled.

    Please also note that JCPenney is in no way responsible for false or
    incomplete sale or promotional offers which are advertised on a site
    other than or via an e-mail from JCPenney.

    Cordially, Customer Service
    Every Day Matters

    *** To respond via e-mail, it is imperative that you reply to this
    message and do NOT alter the subject line. If you would like to speak
    with someone regarding your order, please call Internet Customer Service
    at 1.800.322.1189 and note the reference number in the subject line of
    this message.
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    hmm. not sure which info. they are using to track with. i know you can check out as a guest, so if you ship with different info. they wouldn't know it was the same person. unless they go by IP addy. or maybe they go by credit card info? do you have more than one computer?
  15. meg1111

    meg1111 New Member

    yes I have 4

    I should try checking out as a guest. on those huh?
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    well heck. you can try. maybe you can use your husband's name instead?
  17. stucko879

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    I just joined Ebates, and went through them to get to JCP, and have my item in the cart, I was able to use the code for the $10 off, but for the $5 off through Ebates, will that come off automatically or will it come in an email?

    NVM I figured it out! It's late and I'm to tired to be reading "details!" lol Thank you for letting us know about this great deal!
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  18. wendimj

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    I get the $10/$10 mailed coupon as well as the $10/$50 and $10/$40 all the time and I don't have a JCP account. I signed up for the JCPenney rewards program way back when and that's why I figured I got the coupons. My mom gets them too and she doesn't have a JCP account either. :dunno:
  19. wendimj

    wendimj New Member

    I took my coupon to the store today (since I had to go by there anyway) and got the following to go with birthday gifts for my boys:

    1 Mens T-Shirt
    1 Boys Long Sleeve Shirt
    1 Boys Zip Front Sweat Shirt

    Oop $4.58
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    and that was including TAX wendi? :kekeke: sorry, couldn't help myself. :noes:

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