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Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by wendimj, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. wendimj

    wendimj New Member

    Ok, I ended up with 2 $10 off $10 or more at JC Penney mailed to me.
    I don't get over that direction much, but I had to go over there today. I hate to buy from them online much, since there shipping is ugly.
    Anyway, I did 2 different transactions at opposite ends of the store so no one would get bitchy about me having 2 of these coupons.
    I got the following for 7.33 oop (which included the ID state tax :puke:)

    2 - Boys size T-Shirts (3.98 ea)
    3 - Mens T-Shirts (4.99 ea)
    1 - Juniors Size Jeans (3.98)
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  3. webhunting.info

    webhunting.info Moderator

    i'm still trying to picture what your version of "overboard" would be! for the size family you have, i hardly see you buying anything! and i realized i guess i got gypped coupon wise from that paper. guess normally everybody gets red plum and smartsource? i'm happy with with the smartsource that WAS there but maybe normally there is more. that would be cool! so far i've only used $3 off q's in a $2.50 paper!
  4. sheri

    sheri Active Member

    My husband went and used our $10/$10 coupon yesterday and got him a nice St John's Bay polo shirt for absolutely nothing...i'm surprised he didn't have to pay the 6% sales tax..:bigthumb:
  5. webhunting.info

    webhunting.info Moderator

    wow, somebody was snoozing on the tax! great deal!! and love it when men do their own shopping! :)
  6. wendimj

    wendimj New Member

    I actually got a savings of .20 of the 6% ID sales tax :kekeke:

    I just have a big problem paying it, but that is a HUGE conversation as to why :rofl:

    I was happy with what I got. As far as going overboard, well, I really don't do that much of it. This year I won't even have to spend as much for school since my oldest will be gone. I usually spend about $400 to get 4 kids their school clothes, shoes, supplies, and registration fees (which is going to run about $100 this year for 3). I'm good at the clothes shopping (especially for 4 teenagers), but just a beginner with the food part of it. :)
  7. spacecasegirl

    spacecasegirl New Member

    WTG! :h5:

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