JC Penney Clearance

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by lilwecky, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. lilwecky

    lilwecky New Member

    JC Penney has an additoinal 50% off their already 75% off clearance prices. I bought clothes that would have totalled $194.96 for Ali if I paid full price. I only paid $22.37 so you should check it out! I was shocked at the original prices of some of the stuff!!! Who would pay $29.99 for a hoody for a 2 year old? Its not like its some big brand either. Its just Arizona brand! I was also irked at the fact that almost everything had either a cartoon character, hannah montana or high school musical on it. I won't buy anything if it has a character on it!
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  3. tinkker_bell

    tinkker_bell New Member

    Me either. I hate character stuff, and it is so hard to find stuff without it on there. That is why I love love love target cloths. They are cheap and made well. However I do need to go to JCP now that you told me about the clearance my 4 yr old needs some cloths.
  4. lilwecky

    lilwecky New Member

    The clothes I bought were 4s since she's wearing 3s this year b/c she's so darn tall. I like Old Navy too b/c they never have characters on them.

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