Is this too good?


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I got one of these too and Im leary just because it does seem to good to be true lol have to pay shipping and the 9% from what I understand


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yeah, that was what i wonder. I got 2 cards from them $500 each. Look the sunglasses and watches are cool and good looking but wonder where did they make. I just worry that they made from China. Not worth it. Any body have purchase? Experience?
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I read and saw some reviews for their sunglasses and watches. For the price you're paying, according to those sites (which had lots of comment reviews), you're better off paying for a $5 one at your local Target or Walmart LOL. I think that was stated because the stuff looks cheaply made, & also you have to pay the shipping & handling if you want to return the item for either a refund or exchange & you only have 30 days to do it.

Now that site charges a 9% service fee ($9.90 minimum last time I was on the site) & shipping to use their "$500 gift card" ... just from looking at the merchandise alone, I don't see how they came up with the prices they are posting online. The glasses look so lightweight, so I don't get the high shipping fees for it all.

For their "free but pay s/h" promo gift card offer thingy .. I put in 6 sunglasses and 2 watches, came out to be $456.02. Totaled out to be $0.00 for the promo credit taken off, but the 9% fee on EACH item made it be $99 with 1st class mail shipping! WTH! :eek3: ... nooooo nooooo :nono:
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