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Eleuthero Helps You Perform At Your Best - Especially Under stress No less than 35 clinical studies have shown eleuthero IntelleX PLUS improves physical and mental performance under stressful conditions.4 Eleuthero seems to: speed up your reaction time so you can quickly make assessments and take action; improve learning and memory; and even sharpen vision and strengthen hearing. Research on Olympic athletes, astronauts, explorers, divers, sailors, factory workers, pilots, train operators and miners all showed eleuthero allowed them to work harder and better longer. It's a favorite among Japanese businessmen who work 12-hour days in a tough and competitive work environment. Researchers IntelleX PLUS who were studying eleuthero in a 2010 study along with two other adapt gens think part of eleuthero's power is its ability to protect your brain from the damaging effects of stress. Preliminary research indicates eleuthero might stimulate the production of two special proteins.
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