HP Inkjet Settlement


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I think they should at least give people one black ink and one color ink for their printer that is like 40 bucks.

I do not want e-credits.

I have two printers.

I feel like HP is scamming us to buy ink all the time. They make the ink cartridges with less ink in them. Seems like I am buying ink cartridges all the time. it's annoying. I had two HP printers before I got the other two new printers that have the how ink indicator.

The two old ones did not eat through the ink like the two new ones do.

I do think HP are making them with less ink. Also the old ink cartridges used to be more see through, where you could see the ink by holding it up and plus you could inject ink into them.

Also I used to could take the old ink cartridges to Office Max and get free ream of paper.

Now they won't take them and no more free paper. So the old ink cartridges goes to the city dump. Not my fault there is no place that recycles them. HP used to put recycling envelopes in the boxes the ink cartridges comes in. When Office Max stopped taking them, I would send it to HP for recycling. Then HP stopped putting the envelopes in the packages of ink.

It seems like they want people to recycle stuff but there is no place to take them. Everything just goes into the trash here.
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