*HOT HOT* Sally's Beauty Supply Deals!

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by Pam i Am, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Pam i Am

    Pam i Am New Member

    (I got an order with free shipping for less than $3!!! -with tax)


    Now through 10/31, Sally Beauty Supply is offering Free Shipping when you use coupon code 555202 at checkout! Plus, you can use the code 555655 to get $5 off your order! However, your total must be $1 ofter the $5 coupon code comes off or you won’t qualify for the free shipping.

    Enter coupon code 444368 to get a Free ASP Liquid & Powder Sampler Kit ($12.95 value)!!

    I bought the Biolink Moisture Rich Cleanser, a 4pk of Jilbere crystal Gems Mini Rake combs, and a Soft & Beautiful Just for Me Conditioning Childrens shampoo AND I got the free Sampler Kit! All of this for only $1.90!!....Less Than $3 with TAX!!!

    Plus, go through ShopAtHome and get 10% cash back on your purchase!
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  3. Sweetie112

    Sweetie112 New Member

  4. helobuff

    helobuff New Member

    Use 555938 to get 20 percent off .. ends 10/31
  5. helobuff

    helobuff New Member

    Update.. got it.. dah! Had to input the codes right.. lol
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  6. meg1111

    meg1111 New Member

  7. meg1111

    meg1111 New Member

    Dang! I already made my purchase....:hs:
  8. quin208

    quin208 New Member

    sweeeeeeeeeeeet. love this. i got tweezers and eyeliner for 1.58 after tax.
  9. mamicita

    mamicita sugacookie chapstik member

    ty i was able to get some stuff for my daughters hair!!
  10. rissasweetay

    rissasweetay Active Member

    Thanks, I got a bunch of stuff for about $2!
  11. imenchanted2

    imenchanted2 New Member

    Ty I got a couple of 6oz shampoos and tea tree soap.
  12. Pam i Am

    Pam i Am New Member

  13. meg1111

    meg1111 New Member

    I got a bunch of hair accessories for my little ones. :)
  14. Pam i Am

    Pam i Am New Member

    *hope you got it to work for you
  15. Pam i Am

    Pam i Am New Member

    i might place another order with the 20% off code now, since the $5 code i think is one time use...great christmas stocking stuffers.. :)
  16. CavzGirl2

    CavzGirl2 Still a Cavs fan

    444368 no longer valid :sadwavey:
  17. webhunting.info

    webhunting.info Moderator

    says not applied (not working)
  18. CavzGirl2

    CavzGirl2 Still a Cavs fan

    I dont think you can use the $5 off and that one together
  19. webhunting.info

    webhunting.info Moderator

    ah, okay. i got a new hairbrush for $4.49. :)
  20. jenniferclay

    jenniferclay Mrs. Jack Sparrow member

    I got a bunch of stuff for a 1.97. I wish the free gift code worked :(
  21. Sandy

    Sandy New Member

    FREE shipping code no longer valid.

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