*HOT $1.50 Gloves Kohls again FS


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Women's Gloves: SO Velour, Chenille, Rhinestone Initial, Rhinestone Peace Sign $1.50 each + Free Shipping
Kohls has several Women's Gloves on sale for $1.50 per pair after applying 15% code INCREDIBLE or
20% using code NEXTORDER20
Shipping is free with code FREECCDEC. :xmasgrin:

First four pair

SO Velour Gloves $1.50
SO Chenille Gloves $1.50
SO Rhinestone Initial Gloves $1.50
SO Rhinestone Peace Sign Gloves $1.50 :xmasgrin:
Look thru all the gloves though.. there are some for $7 that with the code would be $6 AND FREE SHIPPING!
Here we go again!! :xmasgrin:::bowrofl:


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These would be great for Dot so i hope she sees this!! You are on a roll:)

:xmasgrin: My goal is for all of us to do christmas as cheap as possible!! And to be warm this winter!! We have to share the deals when we find them so this can happen!


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This is going to be a great Christmas for me. I didn't have a lot to spend but with all these deals everyone will be getting a few things from me, plus gift baskets thanks everyone :hug::xmas:


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They also have a bunch of really cute holiday linens on sale very cheap! Here's a really cute placemat for $1.80 each!


I would love to see them but they are having really high traffic volume now on their site.. :uh: and I still have stuff in my cart!!
Found this great sweater for $10.. a pair of jeans for $11 my $4 long sleeve T's are still in my cart.. :mad: Was trying to find out how this person I saw got this great deal on a down blanket.. and got sidetracked.. now they are overloaded!!


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sweeeeeeet i ordered 4 pairs of gloves, a breast cancer awareness bracelet, and the breast cancer awareness t shirt and boy shorts for around 13 bux! what a steal!!!!!!! ahhh i love it.
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