Fuze Beverage Class Action Settlement


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I bought this stuff back in 2005 after baby # 1 we lived in TX i bought alot of it but I just put 6 bottles and I couldnt remember the date I bought it alot but most of it in sept 05


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Just so everyone knows, you'll only be getting between 25 cents and 50 cents for every bottle you claim

Slenderize Class members who make a Valid Claim will be entitled to reimbursement of $0.50 for each 16.9 or 18.5 ounce bottle, and $0.25 for each 12 ounce bottle, of Fuze Slenderize beverage purchased
Found: http://www.fuzesettlement.com/courtdocs.htm
Stipulation and Agreement of Settlement, page 9 and 10


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I have bought tons of this stuff... I love it. Wish I had kept my reciepts because I'd be in the money. lol. Will have to settle for claiming the 10


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Not yet--look for one for activia in the near future

I have not rec'd mine yet. I heard on the news that there will be a similar lawsuit soon for Activia for the same thing--false claims


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I bought some but don't have a receipt and it has been awhile. I wouldn't have done it anyways, though. But congrats to those who got their checks already :) That was FAST!
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